Star Plumbing & Heating install new radiators in New Builds, Commercial and Residential Homes across Norfolk and Suffolk. We can help you choose what type of radiator would be best for your needs and make sure that you get the correct BTU output for each room.

At Star Plumbing & Heating we have lots of calls about cold radiators. The first question we will ask a customer is have you bled the radiator. Bleeding is where you vent trapped air from the radiator, which can build up over time and prevent your radiators from working correctly, preventing the top part of the radiator from filling with warm water and therefore reducing its heat output.

However if the radiator is cold at the bottom and hot at the top then this is not going to be from trapped air but from metal deposits that collect at the bottom of the radiators. This is when you need Star to come and assess the problem as you will most likely need the system cleaning to remove the solid debris build up. Also it is often advisable to install a Magnetic inline filter to stop the reoccurrence of the problems. This is something we always recommend with a new boiler system as it helps to comply with the extended warranties available on boilers these days.